George Holman & David Woods
Jerry & Connie Clark
Brenda Biscoe & Sonnie Holman
Dianne & Dennis Warnock
Bill Mullican & Kitty (Birdwell) White
Gabriel Melendrez & George Holman
Jane & Gabriel Melendrez
Diane Critchfield & Gradon
Patricia (Owens) Held & Sunny (Shook) Clay
Bill & Nona Mullican
Mica (Thomas) Duncan & Dennis Warnock
Elizabeth (Parsley) Wilson & James
Helen (Maes) Viscarra-Reno & Bob
Lisa Quintella, Bob Santimays & Pat (Roeder) Ellis
Carol (Hughes) McCaulley & Debbie (sister)
Mike Connell & David Woods
Dennis Cleaver
Registration Night
Delore & Pristina Martel
Bob Turner & Norman Arnold, Jr.
Lucy (Berg) Tucker
Lucy (Berg) Tucker & George Holman
Gene & Bonnie (Nichols) Lowery & David Woods
Brenda Biscoe, Mica (Thomas) Duncan & Bill Daugherty
Andy Wilkinson
George Holman & Bob & Kitty (White) Birdwell
Samuel & Mary Ann (Johnson) Pittman
Tom Martin & Tweeti (Walser) Blancett
Ron & Susan (Price) Jett & Julia (Richardson) Makinson
Bob Turner
Hartmut & Barbara Lau
Leroy Clay & Tweeti (Walser) Blancett
Charlie Blackwelder
Paulette & Charlie Blackwelder
Elaine & Mike Connell
Mica (Thomas) & George Duncan
Mica (Thomas) Duncan & Ruben Hernandez
John & Peggy (Riker) Koenig
Sunny (Shook) Clay
Joe & Nancy Wigley
Donna Deere
Sandi (Lansing), Dennis Cleaver, Julia (Richardson) & Mike Connell
Sandi, Dennis, Julie, Norman & Mike
Kitty, Sandi, Dennis, Norman, Julie & Mike
Mary (Young) & Ron Pieper
Brenda, Sonnie & George
George Holman, John & Peggy (Riker) Koenig
Dennis Posey & Floyd Stone
George & Sonnie Holman
Dave & Claudia Woods
Brenda & Richard Biscoe
Brenda Biscoe & Claudia Woods
Mary Donahoo, Richard Biscoe, David Woods & Norm Arnold
Sandi Lansing & Lucy (Berg) Tucker
Class of '63 after 50 Years.
2003 Reunion - 40th
2013 Reunion - 50th
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2018 Reunion
"55 Years Later"
This reunion was held in Alamogordo on September 28 & 29, 2018 and we had a good turnout.  On the 28th, we met for Meet & Greet at the Eagle Ranch "Heart of theDesert" Patio.  On Sept. 29, we met at Desert Lakes "19th Hole Bar & Grill" for a catered buffet dinner.  It was a good time for all.  Click on one of the images below to view photos of the event.
Sept. 28 - Heart of the Desert - Patio:
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Sept. 29 - Desert Lakes - The 19th Hole Bar & Grill:
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Attendees: (Click on any picture to enlarge)
Norman Arnold, Jr.
Bill Bode
Jerry & Connie Clark
Lucy (Berg) Tucker & Sunny (Shook) Clay
Mike & Elaine Connell
Bill & Billie (Gasaway) Daugherty
Pat (Roeder) Ellis
Patty (Owens) Held
Peggy (Riker) Koenig
Delore & Pristina Martel
Tom & Carol Martin
Bill & Nona Mullican
Gary & Audrey Perry
Ron & Mary (Young) Pieper
Ray Roth & Lucy (Berg) Tucker
Bob Santimays (and his "significant other" :o)
Tim & Dianne Smith
Bob & Rose Mary Turner
Bob & Kitty (Birdwell) White
Many thanks to Kitty, Sunny, Mary & Lucy for making this event a success!!  Also, thanks to Ray Roth for the Great Photos!!
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Every 2 Years
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Every 10 years
Please vote before Dec 31, 2018
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